Bloomsbury, Egypt

It’s a happy coincidence that our absent landlord has a passing interest in Egyptology as his array of creepy imitation artefacts has served as a reminder of our imminent travels. This kitsch Tutenkamun’s constant stare in particular has kept my mind focussed on where we are heading. In a couple of weeks we fly to Cape Town to begin a 4 month overland trip up to Cairo. Just now we’re staying in a short-term rental flat in Bloomsbury while serving out notice on our jobs, counting down the clock with King Tut. Although disappointingly his clock is only correct twice a day.

While we are certain that Scotland is our ultimate destination, our plans after Egypt are a bit hazy but I’m sure we’ll pick up some ideas along the way. Travelling up to Moscow to start the trans-Siberian railway sounds like an attractive option, if just for the contrast to Africa alone. But after roughing it for months in the desert and jungle, the allure of haggis suppers, potato scones and sectarian violence may be too strong. Who knows? I’m still getting used to the fact that we have packed in our jobs, sold our flat and are leaving London.

Life-affirming excitement – check. Existential dread – check (but under control). I think we’re almost ready to go. Farewell London.

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