Quick snifter in Mozambique

485With only enough time for a single night of bush camping off the main highway, Mozambique is the country that we have spent the least amount of time in on our trip. The Tete corridor is a strip of land a few hundred kilometres wide in between Zimbabwe and Malawi and was our most direct route northwards. The landscape is typical of this side of Southern Africa – hazy blue sky, green and yellow bush dotted with gnarled baobab trees, punctuated with sparse villages of low round buildings made of sticks and clay. To my eye the only clue that we’d crossed the Zimbabwe border were the signs in Portuguese at village shops and a conspicuous increase in the amount of peri-peri chicken for sale – hangovers from its old colonial power.
We stopped at one of these villages just before sunset and, after pushing through the instantly assembled throng of hawkers, children and curious well-wishers, we ordered beers in the local pub. As we put our feet up the crowd did not wane, in fact it grew, as locals stopped by to watch a crowd of mzungus enjoy their local beer and take some choice photos.

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