Return to the Spice Islands

Who says you can never go back? My third visit to Zanzibar and its charms were not augmented in recollection. This is the first place on our travels that we have previously visited and on the ferry across from Dar es Salaam it rose out of the Indian Ocean if not like an old friend, then at the very least like a casual acquaintance whose company I very much enjoy and would like to know better. In a way this is where our trip began – after a short break here fifteen months ago, while standing on the tarmac at Zanzibar airport, we joked that instead of taking the plane to Nairobi, and then back to London, we could get the ferry to mainland Tanzania and explore the wider continent. Less than a year after that, once the decision to leave London had been taken, booking our flights was a mere formality.

Like last year, we stayed at the Next Paradise beach resort on the east side of the island beside the Pwani Mchangani village, enjoying the white sand, the lukewarm Indian Ocean and the four course seafood dinners. Compare and contrast the photo of me last year on a snorkelling trip to Mnemba Island (on the right sidebar of the blog) and the photo of Lorna this year (left).

As if I’d not seen enough of their equine cousins out the side of the truck in the last couple of months, I also took time to see say hello to some of these striped damselfish.

A few days of luxury, now back to the tent and eating off the back of a truck. Yes I know, my diamond shoes are too tight.


Location: Zanzibar

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