African food – the best so far

The local cuisine of pretty much all of the countries we have visited so far has consisted of sadza, a thick mash usually made from maize meal, served with a rarely identifiable meat of questionable quality. Like the beer (see previous post), it has not been something to recommend Africa by. However, further up the east coast, from around Malawi onwards, enticing snacks appeared in the hands of the street sellers who mob our truck whenever we stop: a samosa here (particularly at border crossings for some reason), some meat skewers there. The sadza hegemony was gradually broken.

The highlight of this street food must be the Ugandan ‘Rolex’. Named following the conjunction of ‘roll + eggs’ and not for any similarity to the Swiss watch, it consists of an omelette, usually with onion, potato or tomato, rolled up into a fresh chapati. There are also sweeter variations with banana, peanut butter and chocolate spread.

At Bujagali Falls, the source of the Nile and our campsite, there was a Rolex stall strategically located at the entrance. Costing just 1,500 Ugandan Shillings (less than fifty pence), I breakfasted, lunched and dined on them for two days.

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