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I started this travel blog when my wife Lorna and I decided to sell up our flat in London, quit our jobs and go to travelling around Africa in 2013, which in our own personal discourse has subsequently become known as ‘the trip’. Our initial plan was to travel overland from Cape Town to Cairo and then adlib it from there. After four months we reached Egypt, but due to the escalating military coup, we flew out of Luxor to Rome. Here we IMG_3997hatched a plan to travel through Europe and then get a ferry from Denmark to Iceland before flying back to Scotland to live.

After about a year of living in Edinburgh, we packed up again and moved to Uganda where we worked for a small NGO. We stayed in Kampala for about 9 months or so. I decided I wanted to continue to work in the international NGO sector, which meant another move (I know, tedious) back to London where we are currently based. Luckily I often travel through work, so hopefully the blog will continue to thrive.

I try to write about unusual, comical or inspiring experiences we’ve had on the road. I hope to avoid a simple step-by-step summary of our travel itinerary, or the ticking off of the sights and activities listed in travel books. If I do miss anything out due to lack of time, internet access, or just plain laziness, I may go back and write blog entries retrospectively. Don’t be surprised to see an entry about Botswanan wildlife pop up at the same time as a Nordic hiking adventure. It is a font of constant regret that I miss out so much; it’s been a privilege to have travelled so many places and seen so much. I wish I could write about them all. From a short conversation with a stall owner to intrepid camping exploits, memories lie in my grey matter diminishing in detail but swelling with romantic aura and personal mythology. I have pages of half-formed blog posts and gigabits of photos that I wish I could flesh out, finish and put online. Perhaps one day I will.



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