African beer – the best so far

Africa does many things well. Beer is not one of them. Besides the locally brewed Chibuku, a pungent gruel-like beer made from maize, most are bog-standard lagers, with no more character than Carling. In the shadow of Kilimanjaro, I discovered Faru, a dark lager made from sorghum. Rich and chocolatey, it was the perfect companion to Chipsimayai, a Tanzanian chips omelette usually consumed during and/or … Continue reading African beer – the best so far

Camels for Peace

There’s a reasonable amount of arrogance¬†dished out by travellers you meet on the road. They tell you the number of counties they’ve ‘done’, the height of things they’ve jumped off, the remoteness of the tribes they’ve visited, and generally the number of things they’ve ticked off an arbitrary list. How far, how fast, how many. By chance we met a man who would humble them … Continue reading Camels for Peace